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    Get the latest sports news, rumors and insight from Basketball Insiders and Football Insiders in one easy to use App.

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The App Features

Get the latest news, rumors, video and social content about your favorite sports and sports teams.

Both Basketball And Football Sites In One App


Get news from both Basketball Insiders and Football Insiders in one easy to use app.

Just select your favorite site and your news is fetched for you.

You can jump back and forth between sports and stay up to date on all the latest news.

Easy To Read News Stream

IMG_0981All your news is displayed in a scrollable news stream.

Simply flick your finger up and down and see the latest news.

Sort News By Team

IMG_0979You can also filter news for your favorite teams, using the My Teams tool.

Check the teams you care about most and just see news related to those squads.

You can change your teams at any time and get to the news you want faster.

Full Stories Mobile Optimized

IMG_0986Get the entire story, optimized for your mobile device.

Fully “swipe” enabled, so simply slide to the right or left to read the next story.

Stories also include the original video files in the web version and sized for your screen.

Insiders Video In News Stream Format

IMG_0988Watch the latest Insiders Videos right from inside the App.

Don’t miss another player interview or our in-depth commentary.

Video is displayed in a news-stream format that’s easy to scroll and navigate.

Get Newslines Too

IMG_0999Not only will you get the amazing original content from Basketball and Football Insiders, you’ll also get all the aggregated news from around the web and social media that matters too.


Here is what the app looks like.

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